Better Teacher - Mission

BETTER TEACHER, was founded in February 2021. Our mission is to provide education-related professionals with quality training. Our activities are based on the following:


Promotion and organization of educational and training events

Promotion and organization of activities for digital integration and transition

Sharing information in the area of ​​education and training

Promotion of studies in the field of education and training

Cooperation and collaboration in education and training activities



Our view on continuing teacher training is that it is the catalyst for a better, more assertive, and effective teaching activity. As teachers with several years of experience in the different recruitment groups, we recognize the difficulties that many teachers have in obtaining certified and/or informal training in the different fields of pedagogical intervention. From the use of digital technologies to different views and pedagogical models, through pedagogical differentiation and the classroom environment, we want to provide teachers, above all, with means of promoting learning for life.




Our vision is based on honesty, mutual help, and objective training. Based on these basic values, we believe that providing, in one place, quality, objective and useful training, time is saved in the development of teaching activities.





Better Teacher online courses - our mission
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