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Make Reading Fun againTraining Center

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Course Summary

Creative ways to help students develop reading habits

How many times do we see our students frowning at the words “You must read!”

It’s time we change this by making books student-friendly again. No matter how much technology comes into our students’ lives, nothing will replace the benefits that reading a good book can bring to a child’s brain. Reading doesn’t have to be a dull activity, it’s our job to engage, inspire and motivate students. This course will freshen up your tools and ideas to use in class from elementary to middle school to help your students acquire reading and writing habits.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Select books according to your students' ages and reading ability
  • Develop Storytelling techniques
  • Use Apps to promote reading habits
  • Develop activities according to the Multiple Intelligences theory
  • Recognize the Color Add system and apply it to plan inclusive learning activities
  • Develop writing activities from diverse triggers and on diverse platforms.



Ana Catarina Rocha

Teacher of Portuguese and ESL

Author of books for children.

Master’s degree in Early English teaching (thesis on Multiple intelligences in the context of ESL teaching) ;

Erasmus student in Holland;

Attended courses at NILE and Pilgrims, in England, focused on teaching and English literature.

Passionate about books and creative teaching methodologies.

Course Programme

Day 1

Presentation activities

Trainees' ideas on students’ reading habits

Stories around books we love

Categorizing books by genres and reader’s target age


 Day 2

Multiple intelligences - Why is this important?

ColorADD - Is it really a plus?


Day 3

Storytelling techniques Drama isn’t that much of a drama


 Day 4

 Reading Clubs with Google Classroom

 Creating books with Wattpad Creating scrapbooks


 Day 5

Final project/ Assessment /Farewell activities

Confirmed Dates

10th April – 14th April 2023
10th  July – 14th July 2023
07th August – 11th August 2023


25 hours course


 APRIL 2023

 JULY 2023


Make Reading Fun again
Make Reading Fun again
400.00 €
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