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Managing Diversity in the classroomTraining Center

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Course Summary

This course is aimed to provide teachers with pedagogical theories and resources to manage cultural differences to foster intercultural coexistence in the classroom. It will also help to learn about our awareness of differences and how we manage them by sharing best practices and analyzing case studies. The course has a practical element providing suggestions to use in the classroom but also the open discussion will bring different approaches to the work with students with these new tools.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Learn about resources and best practices to manage multicultural realities in the classroom
  • Develop your own style of intercultural leadership to manage differences
  • Increase your ability to effectively lead students through self-awareness and make them grow
    through intercultural experience



Francisco Frisuelos

Francisco Frisuelos has extensive experience working for about 25 years in international education, both as a professor and administrator of international programs.

He holds a Ph.D. inHumanities with an International Mention from Universidad Carlos III (Madrid) and a Degree in
History and Geography from Universidad de Sevilla (Spain).

He has taught courses in Intercultural Communication for many years at the university level and has lectured on this topic at different International Conferences.

Currently, he works as a Secondary teacher while he collaborates with different university programs.

Course Programme

Day 1
Presentation. Setting objectives.
The different dimensions of diversity
Cultural differences: Ingroups and Outgroups
Day 2
Cultural dimensions
Prejudice: The role of Stereotypes
Perception: How are we perceived and how we perceived others
Day 3
Kolb’s Learning Styles: awareness of students
Hofstede’s Cultural dimensions.
Day 4
Bridging and mediating practices.

Day 5
Case studies analysis
Final project - Developing and action plan

Confirmed Dates

5th December – 8th December 2022
2nd January  – 6th January 2023
10th April – 14th April 2023
3rd July – 7th July 2023
14th August – 18th August 2023


25 hours course




APRIL 2023

JULY 2023 

AUGUST 2023 


Managing Diversity in the classroom
Managing Diversity in the classroom
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