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Mood congruent learning approachesTraining Center

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Course Summary

Educational psychologists have demonstrated that the role emotions play during student’s learning is essential - positive emotions, such as enjoyment, calmness, and confidence, have been positively related to motivation for learning, while negative emotions such as anxiety, boredom, and embarrassment, have been negatively related to the motivation for learning. Is also known that students’ emotions may be influenced by the effective attachment that students develop with teachers, meaning that when students have strong relationships with caring adults, such as teachers, they are more likely to feel engaged and motivated to succeed in school. We have a special responsibility to engage constructively with students’ emotions because their
brains and minds are still developing. It’s our responsibility, then, to scaffold their emotional experiences and plan adjusted learning strategies to the best of our ability.
This course will provide you with tools and ideas of adequate learning approaches tailed for your students, according to their mood.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Be more aware of the student's feelings and how their emotions influence the learning process.
  • Easily identify how your students are feeling and which type of mood is dominant in your classroom.
  • Choose the appropriate teaching methods that encourage students to actively engage with content and develop their knowledge
    and skills, considering their feelings.
  • Be more ready to manage communication about emotions with your students.
  • Develop new activities as an emotional scientist.



Lara Amorim

Qualified teacher status issued by UK’s Department for Education
Upper School Biology Teacher and Middle School Sciences Teacher since 2004
MSc in Science and Food Technology
BSc in Microbiology


Course Programme

Day 1
Emotion scientist. Reading others' feelings.
Mood meter

Day 2
Blue mood. Deductive reasoning
Green mood. Collaborative activities


Day 3
Yellow mood. Creative thinking
Red mood. Competitive activities


Day 4
Project day. Assessment


Day 5
Wrapping up and looking ahead. Closing thoughts
Additional resources.

Confirmed Dates

31st October- 4th November 2022
9th January – 13th January 2023
27th February – 3rd March 2023
27th  March - 31st March 2023´
29th May- 2nd June 2023
26th July – 30th July 2023
21st August – 25th August 2023


25 hours course

Mood congruent learning approaches
Mood congruent learning approaches
400.00 €
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