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Social and Emotional Learning for Class and BeyondTraining Center

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Course Summary

In a world with many pressing issues, students experience high levels of anxiety, relationship challenges, and disengagement with education. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) comes to help with building positive behaviors and resilience. SEL offers effective and clear strategies to navigate challenges, improve the class atmosphere, and build a safe environment. SEL strategies can be applied face-to-face or remotely, where SEL takes even more relevance when students tend to disconnect more.
By exploring the worldwide recognized framework of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) you will gain awareness of the scope and impact of SEL and will learn the steps to implement it.
You will be immersed in the best practices of how to deepen your self-awareness, empathy and will help you create a safe environment and to provide opportunities for connection in class. At the end of the course, you will be able to apply a range of techniques for stress management, community building, positive communication, and resilience.
You will work on creating your own SEL plan for their classes and teaching practice by promoting SEL at their institutions.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand and implement aspects of the CASEL integrated framework
  • Identify strategies to create a safe environment in class face-to-face and virtually
  • Apply strategies to improve teacher-student and student-student communication
  • Identify mindfulness strategies to reduce stress, and manage emotions in a positive way
  • Increase social awareness in yourself and your students to cultivate healthy relationships



Carolina is an experienced educator with 21 years of teaching career in Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary education in Europe, the USA, and Australia. For the last 5 years, she has trained teachers around the world and has collaborated with educational foundations and whole schools internationally.
Carolina has a B.A. in English Language and Literature, an M.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, and a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Education. Some of her topics of expertise are Project-Based Learning, Project-Based Language Learning, Social and Emotional Learning, Digital tools for education, CLIL, Life skills, Pedagogy, and E-Pedagogy among others.
She has presented at academic conferences, professional events for teachers, and doctoral seminars around the world, online and face to face.


Course Programme

Day 1: On the Importance of SEL
-Presentations; Course Introductions
-Team building activities
-Main issues in education, teachers share their concrete experiences
-The what and why of SEL
-SEL impact.

Day 2: 5 SEL Competencies
-The 5 SEL competencies: Self-awareness, Self-management, Social awareness, Relationship skills
and Responsible decision-making.


Day 3: Applying SEL in class
-SEL in the classroom
-SEL approaches
-Teacher Personal Project on SEL.

Day 4: Feeling safe in class
-Creating a safe, supportive environment for SEL
-Using Mindfulness to improve the students' and teachers; well-being
-Teacher Personal Project on SEL.

Day 5: Finding Support and Sustainability
-Parents, families, and communities: Social and emotional learning in context
-Participants presentations on their personal projects and peer feedback
-Final Reflection.

Confirmed Dates

14th  – 18th November 2022

13th – 17th February 2023

1st – 5th May 2023

7th – 11th August 2023



25 hours course

Social and Emotional Learning for  Class and Beyond
Social and Emotional Learning for  Class and Beyond
400.00 €
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