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Don't be fooled: Teachers are Artists! We are creators!

Art itself is based on personal freedom to make changes around us without fixed or stern guidelines. Improvisation isn't magic: it's a skill we can develop.


The world is evolving rapidly and we struggle to keep pace. What we took for granted can crumble in an instant. How can we find a moment of solace, when rules seem to change everyday and reality is not a place we could simply check out from?

As creative teachers, we help our students believe they do have a voice and are able to choose their own way. We can provide lifechanging experiencies, but a complex question resides: how deep do we value ourselves?

Think about it: creativity is an essencial tool for facing live's challenges. In some occasions, all we need is curiosity to explore new strategies with the inherent wish to share them along the way.

The freedom to build new environments for personal growth is a trained, empowering responsability. It thrives with fresh ideas that could genuinely help others: wake them up, raise their heads, open their eyes, make them smile!


Do you remember that feeling?

Interesting, isn't it?



In the end of this course, you will be able to:

1. Understand how creativity can be used as a tool for personal insight and growth.

2. Create connections between artistic personas and teaching/learning styles

3. Engage with variable contexts and develop effective responses.

4. Recognize behaviours that expand or hinder the creative process. 




Trainer profile

Marco Filipe Batista was born in 1979. He's a classically trained music teacher for children and teenagers, a creative thinker, composer and pedagogic content creator since 2006.

Professionally-Qualified Degree in Practical Music Theory.

Studied Music Production and Music Promotion in professional schools.

Former musical jury for the Setúbal Folklore Parades, for Setúbal Municipality.

Promoter of pedagogic approaches focused on the acceptance of oneself and others, using emocional connections with the class activities, personal significance and gamification.

Passionate about human behaviour.

He spent his teenage years composing, writing, playing video games and discovering that convencional rules have expiring dates: by taking the responsibility to select our own fundamental guidelines, we are free to consciously recreate ourselves… 
Occasionally, from the ground up!  

Sessions (in Oeiras)

10th July to 14th July 2023
11th September to 15th September 2023


25 hours course


All teachers of any level


Play and Learn
Play and Learn
400.00 €
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